1. Loca por tu Amor New Member

    I work in an Authentic Mexican Restaurant. However, i am not Mexican and my spanish speaking skills are very limited. Could you please tell me what " Que haces orita?" means. i know that que haces is what are you doing but i do not know what orita means.
  2. Nadezkda Senior Member

    Spanish - Venezuela
    Is not Orita...is ahorita!!! and it means NOW "What are you doing now?"
  3. ThrillingFan Member

    Hola, Loca por tu Amor,

    In México, sometimes we only use part of the words to speak faster.

    For your question:
    'Orita' = 'Ahorita' = Right Now!

    Hope this helps!

  4. Loca por tu Amor New Member

    Thank you very much. My boyfriend is always text messaging me in spanish and trying to teach me new words but often doesnt know how to explain them.
  5. Zulini

    Zulini Senior Member

    Hola: Ahorita is the diminutive of Ahora = Now

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