Oriya: Panigrahi

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  1. abc1234567 New Member


    How would you pronounce the Oriya name Panigrahi?

    I believe it is Paa-ni-graa-hee. Is this correct?

    And what does it mean? Something with water right?

    Thanks a lot.
  2. Sujon Member

    My language is Bangla. In Bangla, that word would be pronounced exactly the way it is written Pa Ni Gra Hi. There would be no long vowels like Paa or Graa. I assume same would be true for Oriya, but I am not sure.
    Pani = Hand
    Grahi = receiver
    Panigrahi = One who receives someone's hand (in marriage for example).

    There are two N's in South Asian languages - dental and cerebral. Pani with dental N means water, Pani with cerebral N means hand.
    In Bangla alphabet for example,
    পানি = water
    পাণি = hand

    Pani meaning hand is a Sanskrit word.
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  3. Wolverine9 Senior Member

    American English
    Both would have a long vowel: paaNi* and graahii. You also wrote paaNi with a long vowel in Bangla script.

    *N = retroflex n
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  4. Sujon Member

    @ Wolverine9,
    Bangla "A" sound is short, like "uh" sound in English Up or Cut. It is not long (stretched) as in Garage. In pronouncing Panigrahi, all the vowels should be kept short, and not stretched. That's what I meant. I assume same is true for Oriya.
  5. Dib Senior Member

    Bengali (India)
    One difference between Bengali and Oriya pronunciations to be aware of: Unlike Bengali, Oriya distinguishes the dental and retroflex nasals. I don't know which one features in this word (I expect the retroflex like Sujon explained, but I don't know).

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