Orland is sitting on a truckload of teflon bullets, Cop Killers

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Hola a todos. Tengo problemas para traducir la frase indicada. Espero que alguien me ayude.

Okay. Okay, so we blew it. At least he was right about the junkyard. That was where Oland was setting up the buy. Orland is sitting on a truckload of teflon bullets, Cop Killers. I watched two of them cut through body armour like they were paper mache. If a punk like Jesse gets
a hold...

Un saludo y gracias
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    As for the first one, it means that the person was sitting on that vehicle... Estaba sentado sobre un cargamento / una carga de balas de teflón Cop Killers (por favor, perdonen mi nulo conocimiento de balística o cosas por el estilo... ¿existen balas de teflón??) For the second, please give at least the ending of the sentence...


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    What it means is that Oland had a large quantity of these bullets - enough to fill a truck (but probably only figuratively). The idea of 'sitting on them' is also figurative - think of someone sitting on top of a pile of boxes, they are his and he can decide what to do with them. In this case it seems the bullets are for sale and are, I assume, the object of the 'buy' (purchase).

    They are Teflon bullets because they have a coat of Teflon designed to reduce friction after impact and ensure penetration. Edit: <snip>

    Technically you should start a new thread for the second question but I would advise you simply to disregard the 'a' and see it as a colloquial version of 'to get hold' of something.

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    Wow!That was an interesting explanation! It definitely wasn't my brightest moment when I posted my reply... now that I read it again, your interpretation makes a lot of sense Syd!
    And a very nice expression it is... to be sitting on a truckload of something... I'll adopt it.



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    To add to SydLexia's excellent post:

    "Cop Killers" is slang: Teflon bullets are not sold or marketed for their ability to murder law enforcement officials.

    "Sitting on" means "holding, while waiting to see what to do with".
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