Ornithology: names for groups of birds

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    En Ingles es bastante específico la agrupación de los pájaros o aves, y cada "tipo" de aves recibe un nombre para la agrupación.

    A continuación la lista.

    aerie of eagles
    aerie of hawks
    ascension of larks
    band of jays
    bevy of doves
    bevy of quail
    bevy of swans
    bouquet of pheasants (when flushed)
    brace of ducks
    brood of chickens
    brood of chicks
    brood of hens
    brood of turkeys (immature)
    building of rooks
    bury of conies
    cast of hawks
    chain of bobolinks
    charm of finches
    charm of goldfinches
    charm of hummingbirds
    chattering of choughs
    chattering of chicks
    clamor of rooks
    clutch of chicks
    colony of gulls
    colony of penguins
    colony of vultures
    company of parrots
    congregation of birds
    congregation of plovers
    conspirancy of ravens
    convocation of eagles
    cote of doves
    cover of coots
    covey of pheasants (on the ground)
    covey of ptarmigans
    covey of grouse
    covey of partridges
    covey of quail
    crèche of penguins
    deceit of lapwings
    descent of woodpeckers
    dissimulation of birds
    dole of doves
    dule of turtledoves
    dule of doves
    exaltation of larks
    fall of woodcocks
    flight of birds
    flight of cormorants
    flight of doves
    flight of pigeons
    flight of swallows
    flock of birds
    flock of chickens
    flock of ducks
    flock of geese
    flock of pigeons
    flock of swifts
    flock of turkeys
    flush of ducks
    gaggle of geese
    hedge of herons
    herd of curlews
    herd of swans
    host of sparrows
    huddle of penguins
    kettle of hawks
    lamentation of swans
    mob of emus
    murder of crows
    murmuration of starlings
    muster of peacocks
    muster of storks
    mustering of storks
    nest of pheasants
    nide of pheasants (on the ground)
    nye of pheasants (on the ground)
    ostentation of peacocks
    pack of grouse
    paddling of ducks
    parcel of penguins
    parliament of rooks
    parliament of owls
    party of jays
    peep of chickens
    piteousness of doves
    pitying of turtledoves
    plump of wildfowl
    plump or waterfowl
    raft of wigeons
    raft of ducks
    rafter of turkeys
    rookery of penguins
    scold of jays
    sedge of bitterns
    sedge of cranes
    sedge of herons
    siege of bitterns
    siege of cranes
    siege of herons
    skein of geese (in flight)
    skein of goslings
    sord of mallards
    spring of teals
    storytelling of crows
    storytelling of ravens
    storytelling of rooks
    team of ducks
    tidings of magpies
    unkindness of ravens
    volery of birds
    wake of buzzards
    walk of snipes
    watch of nightingales
    wedge of geese (flying in a 'V')
    wedge of swans (flying in a 'V')
    wing of plovers
    wisdom of owls
    wisp of snipes
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