1. Jagat New Member

    Rishikesh, India
    Canada - English
    For some reason I can't find a suitable term for this word, which is quite widely used in Quebec. It is not in the Word reference dictionary. None of the following seem quite right. (It is rare that a one-word French term needs an explanatory phrase in English.)

    * resource teacher
    * special needs teacher
    * special educator
    * counsellor for students with learning difficulties

    It looks like resource teacher may be the best equivalent: http://www.ualberta.ca/~jpdasddc/incl/a3.htm

    Still not sure, though.
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  2. fiftyfifty Member

    British English & French - France
    Special needs teacher is a common phrase in British English, referring to someone who teaches children with all kinds of learning difficuties, including physical disability.

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