osículos -- presencia de varios osículos milimétricos

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I am looking for the word "osículos".... It's part of the results of an MRI scan of an ankle.
The full sentence is "Engrosamiento del las partes blandas superficiales, con presencia de varios osículos milimetricos".

My attempt is ossicles, though the dictionary (and Google) only use this word in the context of the ear.

Any ideas?
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    Thanks Marsiantoh. Does this mean I can translate "osículos milímetricos" as "accessory ossicles"? Does milimétrico translate here as accessory?


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    Ossicles is correct, as Marsianitoh points out. It is also true that in the literature they are usually accompanied by the word accessory. However that word does not appear in your radiologist's report. I would translate the phrase as ... with the presence of several ossicles each a few millimeters in size.
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