Oshibana natsukashimi wa omoide ni hitaru yuu zora


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I'm wondering if anyone can translate these lyrics, there's a lot, so just summing up what it's about will do fine, a full translation would be nice, but that's asking a lot :p.

Oshibana natsukashimi wa omohi de ni hitaru yuu sora
yubiorikazoeteita kimi ni au hi wo matsu ano koro e
sora aoki ryoki jidai no naka de kowareta yume to
kanashiki kana hateshinaiki tsumi akashi koe wa naki ichiya wa haru
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    Konnichi-wa COF-san,

    I am sorry but our rules limit lyrics quotations and translations to 4 lines:
    Song lyrics may be quoted and translated up to a maximum of 4 lines. Threads and posts with song lyric quotations and translations beyond 4 lines will be removed.
    If you want, feel free to choose different four lines.

    Our members may only directly translate four lines as well, but I a summary will be fine.

    Thank you for your understanding. :)



    日本語 / japāniski / יפנית
    The original lyric of the inquiry is reproduced below:

    指折り数えていた 君に会う日を待つあの頃へ
    壊れた夢と 悲しきかな 果てし無き罪証 声は亡き一夜は春

    A transcription is provided below:

    oshibana natsukashimi-wa omoide-ni hitaru yūdzora
    yubiori kadzoete ita / kimi-ni au hi-o matsu anokoro-e
    sora aoki yoki jidai-no naka-de
    kowareta yume-to / kanashiki kana / hateshinaki dzaishō / koe-wa naki ichiya-wa haru.

    Having little taste in literature, I find the poetry rather difficult to tranlate.
    At any rate, here is my rather wooden translation;

    Nostalgy of pressed flowers, immersed in memories at the evening sky
    Those days when I used to count how many more days before seeing you
    In the middle of the good days when the sky was blue
    Broken dreams and, how sad, numerous evidence of guilt; voice is dead in this spring night.