other meanings of see and visit

Hello All,
Here in the text below, I have a problem.
I have no idea what the author meant by the verbs 'see' and 'visit'.

I am almost sure that 'see' is not used as the meaning of seeing/ looking.
And I am guessing the same for 'visit'.
This sentence is so irrelevant with the context that I don't know how to translate it.
Anybody have an idea?
Thank you in advance.

The text:
'The 20th of February 2002,’ said X, typing on the computer keyboard.
‘Well, look at that: it’s a palindrome. How funny.’
‘Say what?’
‘The date: 20.02.2002. It’s the same whether you read it backwards or forwards.
I can also see that I was visiting my ex-wife at precisely 20:02.
We celebrated with a glass of champagne.’
  • Thomas Tompion

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    I can also see that I was visiting my ex-wife - it is also evident to me that I was paying a visit to my ex-wife...

    I don't know if my translation helps. I don't see anything very strange in the choice of verbs here, MM.

    suzi br

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    It is not really irrelevant. We are told that he is at a keyboard typing in a date. From that we assume he is looking at (he can see) his diary entry for that date. He is reminded that he met up with (was visiting) his wife.
    Guys, you know what?
    Sometimes it is happening to me.
    And clearly it happened again:
    I read Suzi's post and read the sentence/ paragraph again.
    And bum! It made sense.
    I am soo sorry for having taken your time.
    But I am translating 3 books together these days… two of which are in Italian.
    So I try to deal with 3 different languages at the same time.
    Obviously I am totally confused and became an idiot!
    Turns out it is such an easy sentence to understand.
    Sorry. :(
    And thanks for the idiot-proof explanations.
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