other pathogens to multiply like... well, bugs

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Hello, members!

This is from online magzine 'men's health'.

Don't E.coil, salmonella and other pathogens belong to bugs?
Do you see any intention of the author in writing other pathogens to multiply like... well, bugs?

Maximum fridge temperature for preventing foodborne illness, Brewer says. Any higher than that and you Invite E.
coil, salmonella, and other pathogens to multiply like... well, bugs.
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    He failed to think of a simile when he got to the end of his sentence, so just said that bugs would multiply like, er, bugs.


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    I think the point you may be missing, dchong, is that colloquially, we refer to minor contagious sicknesses, especially those affecting digestion, as 'bugs'.
    It you are sick, you might say to your friend, "I've caught the bug that's going around." [=I have the minor illness that many people are catching now.]

    Added: Our dictionary has this definition for bug:
    informal. a disease, or the microorganism causing the disease: I've got the flu bug.
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