Other people like ... and <still> other people


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"Other people like to travel, and still other people like to have an adventure." What does the word "still" mean in this sentence ? Could it be "but" ?
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    Hi birzo, you can't say "and but", you are not far off. WR suggests "even", which is the best direct replacement, but not quite perfect. I will try to paraphrase my understanding:

    Some people like to stay home and other people like to travel, but then there are those who demand more. They don't just want to travel, they want an adventure.


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    I think it means the same thing as yet other people.

    It's there to emphasise repetition or an increase.


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    The reason it is there is because you cannot say 'some people do X, other people do Y, other people do Z'. Because there are two sets of 'other people', you have to say 'other people (set 1)' and 'still other people (set 2)' to differentiate between them, otherwise you'd be implying that the 'other people' did both Y and Z.
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