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I found an old thread re Cicero's ipse dixit, "he said it himself" (in reference to argument by authority), but it didn't have what I'm after. I'd prefer not to use ipse dixit for all subjects (gender, person, number), though its English meaning is usually understood even if the Latin is wrong. I'd like the Latin to be right too. :)

I would like to know the masculine plurals, "we said it ourselves" and "they said it themselves", assuming they work for mixed-gender groups also. Simple past tense.

What I have (pending any appreciated corrections):

"I said it myself" masc, ipse dixi – fem, ipsa dixi
===> "We said it ourselves" (masc plural), ???
"You said it yourself" masc sing, ipse dixisti – fem sing, ipsa dixisti – masc plur, ipsi dixistis – fem plur, ipsae dixistis
"He said it himself" (masc sing), ipse dixit
"She said it herself" (fem sing), ipsa dixit
the one I'm really after ===> "They said it themselves" (masc plur), ???

Many thanks.
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