"Other than" and number coherence

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Hi everyone,

Can anyone tell me how to make the second part of the sentence below (in red) sound better and be grammatically correct? The fact that the "bass guitar" is in singular but "six-string models" is in plural bothers me... I want to keep "bass guitar" in singular.

Here's the sentence:

This is a hardshell case designed to fit any DBH-series bass guitar other than the six-string models.

Thank you!
  • Edinburgher

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    If the plural bothers you aesthetically, despite there being no particularly good reason why it should, you can make the whole phrase singular by replacing "the six-string models" with "one of the six-string models".
    Alternatively, or additionally, you can change models to a word that is semantically plural but grammatically singular, such as kind or variety.
    Or you could say "any DBH-series bass guitar that does not have six strings."
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