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    Hi, how are you?

    I was wondering if the word ' otherwise ' can be used as conjunction in an imperative sentence.

    For example, ' Hurry up, _ you will miss the bus.'

    I was trying to solve this question and I thought I could use 'otherwise' instead of 'or' but my english teacher said we can only use the word 'or'.
    But I think 'otherwise' is perfectly capable in this sentence.

    Thank You.
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    Hello, Ahsel, and welcome to the forum,

    Yes, otherwise works well in your example. Whether it's a conjunction there, I think is open to question. I think Hurry up is one sentence, and Otherwise you will miss the bus is another. For me, otherwise is an adverb here.

    P.S. This is quite helpful about the distinction between conjunctions, conjunctive adverbs, and good plain adverbs.
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