otherwise vs if not

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    If not, it's okay.

    If not = if the answer is no; if it cannot be done

    Otherwise = in other ways, other than supposed.


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    Can you make a example using otherwise and if I use if not is incorrect?
    The meanings are similar but they're not always used the same, so it's hard to illustrate. Here are some examples.

    Study for your test. Otherwise, I may have to fail you.
    She'll have to go by car. Otherwise, she'll be late.
    It's raining now. I would have gone with you otherwise

    I hope that helps.


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    I guess I got it...

    Just for make sure, one last question.

    You are at the telephone and it says, if you said yes, press 1 if not press 2.

    It is correct to say: if you said yes, press 1 otherwise press 2?.



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    Let´s see if I got it right.
    In sentences like "put on some sunscreen. Otherwise you´ll get sunburnt." or "let me know if you´re interested. Otherwise I won´t be able to make a decision", you cannot use "if not".
    Am I right?

    And can I use: "If you don´t" in my sentences?
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