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  1. jazzboyrules New Member

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    Hi all,

    I was listening to Coffee Break Spanish episode 16 the other day. In that the instructor Mark says that in order to order an another of any drink, use the phrase "otro de la misma".

    He does not provide more explanation about that. It is conflicting to me because drinks could be of masculine or feminine gender.

    Then for masculine gender drinks like "el vino", shouldn't it be,
    "otro de lo mismo"?

    For feminine gender drinks like "la limonada", shouldn't it be,
    "otra de la misma"?

    What's more confusing is that Mark used masculine "otro" with feminine "la misma" in the same phrase...

    What is correct??

    Thank you.
  2. Nagini_bcn

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    It does not make sense.

    You could even say : Otra de lo mismo. (Otra copa de lo mismo que él está tomando)

    But otro de la misma? I don't see it and it looks like incorrect. Maybe if you could explain a little bit more about the situation...
  3. jmx

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    The gender is linked to the referents. For example:

    Otro (vaso) de la misma (bebida).
    Otra (taza) del mismo (café).
    Otra (taza) de lo mismo. ("lo mismo" is neuter and doesn't need a precise referent)
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  4. jazzboyrules New Member

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    Oh I apologize, I listened to that Coffee Break Spanish episode again. Here is the link: radiolingua[dot]com/2009/03/lesson-16-coffee-break-spanish (just replace "[dot]" with ".")

    The thing I am talking about comes around the 3 minute mark.

    The instructor Mark says "otra de lo mismo", not "otro de la misma".

    Mark talks about the situation where you have just ordered something like a limonade or wine and you want to order another one of it.

    But still the confusion is still there.. isn't "otra" associated to feminine and "lo mismo" associated to masculine genders?

    Thanks for pointing out that mistake, at least now I know that "otro de la misma" is totally incorrect and "otra de lo mismo" is correct. But I would like to understand why 2 different genders are used in the same phrase.
  5. Agró

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    Podría ser:
    Otra (ronda) de lo mismo.

    (si había varias personas)
  6. jazzboyrules New Member

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    Thanks for the reply. From what I learnt online:
    (1) spanish[dot]about[dotcom/cs/grammar/a/objectpronouns.htm
    (2) www[dot]studyspanish[dot]com/lessons/dopro1.htm

    both "lo" and "la" are direct object pronouns where "lo" is used for masculine and "la" is used for feminine gender objects.

    Your examples using "otra (taza)" very much make sense to me. Thanks!

    Also could you point me to more grammar on "lo mismo" that says that that can be used for any gender?

    Update: Oh I found some more grammar where "lo" is used for neuter.
    Wow! It's complicated.. but interesting.. I hope to get a better hang of this as I learn more Spanish :)

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  7. jazzboyrules New Member

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    Hindi, Gujarati, English-India
    Thanks Agró! "otra (ronda)" also makes very much sense.
    It means "another round" of "whatever drink".. right?

    Alright so now I am clear that "otra" can be used for any of the drinks masculine or feminine.

    But I am still now confident if "lo mismo" can be used for both masculine and feminine.

    Is "lo" a direct object pronoun over here? Meaning can it be used only for masculine objects?
  8. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    "Lo mismo" is neuter. My understanding is that "lo" is used for abstractions.
  9. jazzboyrules New Member

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    Hindi, Gujarati, English-India
    Thanks k!

    So finally I have reached to this conclusion:

    "otra de lo mismo"

    (1) Here "otra" can be inferred like "otra (taza)" or "otra (ronda)".. basically "another cup" or "another round".
    (2) "lo mismo" means "same of 'it'" where 'it' could be pointing to any drink.. "la limonada", "el vino"...


    So in conclusion, I can use "otra de lo mismo" for "la limonada" and "el vino".

    Anyone please point out if my understanding is incorrect.
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