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Can anyone help me on this one? I was having a conversation in Spanish about a story on the news of an Otter in Florida that jumped out of the canal and attacked this lady's dog.

I could not figure out how to say Otter in Spanish. The dictionaries say "Nutria" or " Castor".....well I do not want to say Beaver nor Nutria rat because they are all 3 different animals even though they may all be cousins......get my drift?

A Hamster is not a rat. A squirrel is not a hamster....even though they might all be rodents, they are different.
I'm from the deep South, so I know what a Nutria Rat is....have seen many in my back yard incidently.
They would not jump out of the water to attack a big dog. They'll attack alright, but only if cornered.
A beaver , well, yall know what a beaver is and how one looks like. It's not an Otter.
Any suggestions or any help?
  • delhi

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    I just checked with Wikipedia. Accord to it, "nutria" (Spanish word) means, like lapachis said, "Otter". "Nutria" (English word) means "Coipo" instead (Spanish word).
    That might be the reason of your confusion.


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    "Nutria" (English word) means "Coipo" instead (Spanish word).
    But only in Argentina and Chile.
    Diccionario de la RAE said:
    m. Arg. y Chile. Roedor de hábitos acuáticos, cuyo pelaje, entre bayo ocráceo y castaño, es valorado comercialmente. Tiene las orejas redondas, el hocico largo y cubierto de barbas, las patas cortas y la cola larga desprovista de pelos.
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