Our adroit passing enabled us to score four touchdowns.

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Our adroit passing enabled us to score four touchdowns.
Source: Vocabulary for the high school students

I can't understand the meaning of the whole sentence. Would you please be kind enough to tell me what it says exactly?

These two make me confused [passing] and [to score four touchdowns].

What is it talking about?

Thank you.
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    Hi sb,

    This sentence refers to American football. Passing the football by throwing it to another team member is one way that an American football team attempts to score points. When a football is successfully passed and caught in a designated area (called the endzone), a team scores six points. This is called a touchdown.

    Therefore, four touchdowns would equal 24 points (6 points multiplied by 4 touchdowns), as well an additional 1 - 8 points as determined by bonuses (extra points) that a team can score in varying ways.

    If a team passes well, or better than the other team, they have a higher chance of scoring touchdowns. This increases a team's chances of winning the game.

    Are you familiar with rugby? A touchdown is similar to a "try" in rugby.
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