our character has never been in doubt


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"We are soldiers, loyal, brave. India or England, they never had cause to doubt our loyalty. In the wars with Pakistan we fought our former comrades on the other side of the border. How our spirit cried. But we are Gorkhas. We are soldiers. Our character has never been in doubt"

Our character has never been in doubt, means they have never doubted about character, or we have such a character that never doubts about what we do ?

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It's part of Inheritance of Loss, a novel by Kiran Desai.
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    Look up "character" in the forum dictionary. In this case, given the prior context, it would mean that such traits as their loyalty and bravery have never been doubted.


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    Also, "of good character" is a standard description used in legalese to describe a decent person, i.e. someone who is respected, has not been convicted of any crimes, etc. The meaning of "character" in your example is close to that one.
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