our sales staff is growing

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Hi, all

We're increasing our stock space as well, so no longer will you find us sold out of the products you want to buy. In addition, our sales staff is growing.
The part underlined sounds incorrect to me, Shouldn't it be ''the number of our sales staff is growing''? The original seems to me to mean ''our sales staff is becoming taller or bigger''.:confused:

  • nzseries1

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    I agree, it doesn't sound natural like it is. You could perhaps say

    ...our sales team is growing (or perhaps expanding).
    ...the number of sales staff we have is growing.


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    No, it makes perfect sense to me. We understand the phrase to be referring to number, not size ;).

    But to be 100% clear, you could add "the number of". But it isn't strictly necessary, in my opinion.


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    In this sentence staff is being used to refer to the group of people. The group is growing.
    If you wanted to say that the individuals within the group were getting bigger you would say "the staff are growing" as opposed to "the staff is growing".
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