Ours is a recent acquaintance.

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Chinese,Cantonese,Sichuan dialect

I wonder if it is idiomatic to respond someone when he/she ask you the relationship between you and your new established friend in this way? Like this:

A-Silver, long time no see, oh, who's the nice woman over there?

B-My colleague, I knew her just today, you know, my first day at that company.

A-Well, fantastic, do you want to chase her?

B-Don't be silly, ours is a recent acquaintance.

Is it an idiomatic expression?

Thanks a lot
  • owlman5

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    Hello, Silver. You could certainly say "ours is a recent acquaintance", but it sounds awfully literary and old-fashioned. Here is an ordinary reply: Don't be silly. We just met.
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