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I am trying to get the general sense of a kids' story. It's about a lost and found kite: the context is as follows:

- Vous avez sauvé mon cerf-volant ! Mais comment ? demande Tigger.
- Eh bien, on jouait à ourson perché quand le cerf-volant s’est coincé dans les branches d’un arbre, dit Winnie.

I am wondering if 'ourson perché' is a specific game, because I can't make much sense of this sentence otherwise. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Is it not "Pooh sticks"? Winnie is on a bridge with Piglet and they throw twigs into the river and run to the other side of the bridge to see which twig wins.


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    Chat perché is a tag game. In this context, maybe they say : Ourson perché because it's Winnie the bear...

    Does it make sense?


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    Thanks so much - it would make a lot of sense if the 'ourson perché' was what the French have translated Pooh sticks as in the Pooh stories.

    Sorry about the kite reference, it was a bit of a red herring I think - I should have given more context. It's only in the passage becasue they have found Tigger's lost kite, and he wants to know how they came across it.
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