out-and-out ? out-of-the-box comparisons?

Andrés Pulido

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Hola a todos:
Tengo dificultades para entender la expresión "out-and-out" en la siguiente frase: "Finally, I will defend this account against the charge of out-and-out relativism".
Una expresión más, "out-of-the-box comparisons" en la siguiente frase: "Experience shows that benchmarking's potential to drive dramatic improvements lies squarely in making out-of-the box- comparisons and searching for insghts (...)".
De antemano les agradezco su ayuda.
  • daviesri

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    USA English
    out-and-out - complete and without question
    out-of-the-box - In this context it means "standard". Something out-of-the-box is usually seen as something basic which most people can use as is.
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