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    How is better to translate the 'out of office' initiative in the context of working in places closer to home for civil servants in Belgium:

    "The Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport has launched the “Out of Office” initiative establishing a network of satellite offices that are closer to employees’ homes reducing the use of expensive office space in Brussels, whilst improving the work/life balance within the federal public service." 'Out of office' means not to be present at work because of vacation as I understand hwoever in this context it means to be out of office fora good reason (for cost efficiency purposes). Can this mean "Мы не работаем" or "Вон из офиса." I just cannot imagine what the authors wanted to say by this name (does it mean to sound a little bit humorous) and how it is understood by native speakers who are not familiar with the context? Thank you
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    The first Russian version is quite wrong: they do work, although not in the offices, office-free.
    The second one might be used for a splash headline, just jokingly.
    However the neutral Russian terms are just работа вне офиса, дистанционный офис, дистанционная работа, работа на дому.
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    Thank you very much

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