Out of ten.

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Hello everyone,

When i was watching the video "all 5 golden buzzer britain's got talent 2018", Gruffydd Wyn Roberts's audition. Simon interrupted him and he said something like "how good you think you are?, Out of 10" and Guffydd was like "Out of 10, I'd say I'm about to 6 at the moment" I don't really sure about what i did hear, though.

The point is,
- Did the phrase"Out of ten" is correct?
- If I want to ask someone to mark my things, what should i say?
- what do you think about the way i use these words and phrases above? is that all right? Out of ten, please!!!

Feel free to correct me, i'd appreciate that so much, I love you guys <3
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    American English
    Your context is British so you should wait for some BE speakers to reply.
    However, I'll just say that in the U.S. when we ask someone to rate someone--or, as in this case, themself--we usually say something like:
    On a scale of one to ten...
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