Out of the question

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What does "out of the question" suggest?

War as a source of blood to appease the gods was out of the question.

Does it mean war is "the only option left"?

Or does it mean it is "not feasible"?
  • panjandrum

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    It's strange, right enough:)
    It means that war was not even considered as a possibility. No one would have asked the question, "Should we have a war to get some blood to appease the Gods?"


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    More like "not an option" ... now it might not be an option because it's not feasible, but there could be other reasons as well.


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    Yes, mgarizona,
    That's why I gave two choices.

    I knew that "the only option left" and "not feasible" are of opposite directions.


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    “Out of” as in “not within”, “Question” as in “issues to be considered”.

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    It is out of the question means that the item being discussed is not part of the question and therefore could not be part of the answer.

    Throwing water on the fire is out of the question if you want the wood to keep burning efficiently.

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