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  1. Nemes87 New Member

    Hi everybody,

    How can I translate in German "outdoor activities"? I translated "Outdoor-Aktivitäten" but I think that this term is more related to those activities performed in the open-air, such as sports, rather than to those activities performed out of the office (and I need to convey the latter meaning!).

    Can anybody help me please?

    Thank you very much! :)
  2. Kajjo

    Kajjo Senior Member

    Outdoor-Aktivitäten: Recreational activities like sports, hiking, fishing, hunting, geocaching that are done in nature or at least outside the house.

    Außendienst: Business activities where you have to leave you office building, maybe translated as something like field work, external work, outside work.

    A little bit more context might be necessary to recommend a really good translation.
  3. Nemes87 New Member

    With "outdoor activities" I mean business activities performed outside, such as maintenance activities or assistance activities.
    The sentence I have to translate is the following: "X [Name of the company] provides warehouse management software, software for tracking deliveries and software for tracking out-of-office activities".
    My attempt is: "X [Name of the company] bietet Software für die Lagerverwaltung und für die Rückverfolgbarkeit der Auslieferungen und der Außendienste".
  4. manfy Senior Member

    German - Austria
    Your translation sounds quite good.
    I'd slightly modify it to:
    "X [Name of the company] bietet Software für die Lagerverwaltung und für die Rückverfolgbarkeit aller Lieferungen und Außendienst-Aktivitäten".

    Lieferungen -> includes all incoming and outgoing deliveries, whereas 'Auslieferungen' describes only outgoing shipments.
    Außendienste sounds somewhat strange with reference to 'Lagerverwaltung', so I prefer Außendienst-Aktivitäten or Außendienst-Tätigkeiten.

    FYI: other native speakers might prefer the proper writing style 'Außendienstaktivitäten/Außendiensttätigkeiten', but I feel the hyphenation makes the word easier to read (which is usually preferable in otherwise hard to read software manuals/descriptions/advertising materials.)
    Better wait for other opinions on that point!

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