Outdoor vs outdoors photography exhibition

Discussion in 'English Only' started by w4tt4n4b3, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. w4tt4n4b3 New Member

    I know that "outdoor" is the adjective and "outdoors" is the adverb.
    I want to know which of the following expressions is more used or "correct"...
    Is it better to say "outdoor photography exhibition" or "outdoors photography exhibition"?
    The word "outdoor/s" characterizes the exhibition of course...
    For a reason the phrase "outdoors photography exhibition" sounds better to me but is it correct?

    Thank you in advance...
  2. mrr5052 Senior Member

    American English
    It seems to me that "outdoors" is always used as a noun. Anyone else have any thoughts?
  3. Cagey post mod (English Only / Latin)

    English - US
    I would use "outdoor". It modifies the noun photography.

    While it is true that the noun is being used as an adjective, we do not modify it with an adverb as we would if it were actually an adjective.

    Side note: outdoors can be either a noun or an adverb.
  4. w4tt4n4b3 New Member

    Logically the outdoor as an adjective seems to be better suited but in google the combination "outdoors photography exhibition" gives more results.
    It's not the photography that is outdoor but the exhibition which means that the exhibits photographies are placed not in an indoor place but in the open...
  5. Cagey post mod (English Only / Latin)

    English - US
    I misunderstood what you meant.

    In that case I am less certain. People also use "outdoor photography exhibit" to mean that it is held outdoors. I am not sure I would use the Google numbers as a guide.

    I would still prefer "outdoor photography exhibit". Even better, to avoid ambiguity: "photography exhibit, outdoors at [such and such a place]."

    We need more opinions on this, I think.
  6. w4tt4n4b3 New Member

    I intend to exhibit outdoors some photographs taken by me and I want to make a poster.
    So I spent the last day adding or deleting the letter "s" from the word outdoor...
    It can't wait any more. I have to get it done.
    It's not a big or special exhibition, I am just an amateur and beginner at the same time but maybe a bit perfectionist too and I can't decide which of them sounds better and it is more commonly used in such cases...
    Thank you all for your replies by the way...
  7. Cagey post mod (English Only / Latin)

    English - US
    Just a quick opinion, for what it's worth.

    If the location makes it clear that it is outdoors, I would use "outdoor".

    If the location is not clear, then "outdoors", for the reasons you state.
  8. Ms Missy Senior Member

    U.S. Virgin Islands
    USA English
    I think "Outdoor Photography Exhibit" sounds just fine! (If you're still not sure, you could always consider using a comma ... Outdoor, Photography Exhibit).
  9. Loob

    Loob Senior Member

    English UK
    I'd say "open-air".

    Open-air photography exhibition.
  10. w4tt4n4b3 New Member

    Outdoor/s seems simpler and better than open-air...
  11. entangledbank

    entangledbank Senior Member

    English - South-East England
    Ah, Google, good old Google. It's getting worse and worse for corpus linguistics. Yes, the number at the top of page 1 is higher for 'outdoors', but look at what you actually get: only two pages, most of them repetitions of one Turkish site or just a string of tag words. That's a relief: our native judgement is correct that you can only say 'outdoor'.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2009
  12. w4tt4n4b3 New Member

    Is it pretty clear that if we say outdoor photography exhibition the word outdoor is not describing the photography but the word exhibition?
  13. Loob

    Loob Senior Member

    English UK
    No, I don't think it is, w4tt4n4b3.

    That's why I suggested "open-air".
  14. w4tt4n4b3 New Member

    Then it should be "outdoor photographic exhibition"?

    I am trying to find a stereotype phrase used for these cases...
    That's why I am looking via google...
  15. w4tt4n4b3 New Member

    Photography exhibition was my thought as well but in google I got almost double percentage for photographic exhibition.
    But I will stick to photography exhibition...
    So the debate will remain between outdoor and open-air...
  16. Cagey post mod (English Only / Latin)

    English - US
    I support Loob's suggestion; people are likely to understand "open air" as describing the exhibit. There is some ambiguity with "outdoor".
  17. Tagarela Senior Member

    Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
    Português - Brasil

    Is Outdoor exhibition of photography possible?

    Good bye.:
  18. w4tt4n4b3 New Member

    Ι have thought of this as well. Thank you, Tagarela, for bringing it up but I don't think such a phrase is ideal for a poster...
    Don't forget that it's like a title that characterizes the event.

    Now I have another question. If outdoor may be ambiguous then why open-air can't be ambiguous for the same reason? And I mean why not open-air be considered to refer to photography and not the exhibition?
    Open-air photography may be considered as photographs taken in the open air...outdoors...

    In the end I see a poster like this coming "Exhibition canceled 'cause the artist could not decide between outdoor and open-air among others..."
  19. entangledbank

    entangledbank Senior Member

    English - South-East England
    'Photography exhibition outdoors' is unambiguous. It's not quite idiomatic for a title - what you want. It's more like an abbreviated sentence 'The photography exhibition is outdoors' (like 'this way' on a sign).
  20. Cagey post mod (English Only / Latin)

    English - US
    "Open air" is not customarily used to designate a type of photography; outdoor photography is a type of photography.
  21. Pedro y La Torre Senior Member

    Hauts-de-Seine, France
    English (Ireland)
    Outdoor photography exhibition sounds fine to me. Outdoors photography exhibition on the other hand sounds decidedly strange.

    The photography exhibition may be held outdoors, but I'd never describe the event as an outdoors exhibition.
  22. w4tt4n4b3 New Member

    I got another email about Open-air photography exhibition...
  23. w4tt4n4b3 New Member

    I decided to go for the Open-Air instead of the adjective outdoor although outdoor was my initial thought and open-air hardly crossed my mind... but I got more votes for open-air...
    Thank you all...

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