Outlet Vs Branch??

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Hello amigos!:)

There is a Barclays(bank) outlet/branch in my town.
There is a KFC( fast food) outlet/branch in my town.
There is a Gucci outlet/branch in my town.

What´s the difference between these two nouns?

Thanks in advance;

  • An "outlet" (at least in AE) is a store that sells retail goods, especially if the goods are discounted in price for some reason.

    A bank would have "branches".
    KFC might have a "branch", or a "franchise", or "restaurant".
    Unless the Gucci establishment sold last year's shoes at lower prices, I would say "a Gucci shop" or "a Gucci store."


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    A previous thread shows agreement with GreenWhiteBlue.

    In addition to a discount shop or store, the term is used as part of the phrase
    "retail outlet" to indicate any retail sales location.

    Here are a few examples of that usage:

    Purchasing Tickets Through Retail Outlets
    You can purchase your Heaven's Rehearsal ticket from a REAL PERSON at all Ticketmaster Outlets using cash, cheque or credit card. Just follow the simple instructions below to find a Ticketmaster Retail Outlet close to you.
    If you are aware of a retail outlet frequented by singers who may be interested in carrying Classical Singer, click here.
    Apple to "upgrade" retail outlets
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