1. Loreto Senior Member

    Chile Spanish
    Favor, necesito ayuda con este término. No estoy segura de que outputter sea sinónimo de writer. Agradeceré ayuda.


    The class "{0}" was not found while creating the XML builder and outputter classes

    The XMLOutputter can manage many styles of document formatting, from untouched to 'pretty' printed. The default is to output the document content exactly as created, but this can be changed by setting a new Format object.
    Warning: When outputting to a Writer, make sure the writer's encoding matches the encoding setting in the Format object. This ensures the encoding in which the content is written (controlled by the Writer configuration) matches the encoding placed in the document's XML declaration (controlled by the XMLOutputter)
  2. Sprachliebhaber Moderator

    USA English
    Creo que "outputter" es "descargador"; es "writer" en ese sentido.

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