outright market


Can somebody explain me 'outright market'.

The leading online bookmaker is pleased to announce that if (or when) England lift the 2010 World Cup trophy, they will refund all bets placed on any other team to win the competition.
The remarkable offer applies to all single bets placed on the 2010 World Cup outright market between 7pm, Friday, December 4th 2009 and noon, June 11th 2010. Bets will be refunded in the form of a free bet equal to the stake placed on England's rivals in the World Cup outright market.

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  • MichaelW

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    I think (I am not a betting man) it is a single bet that a particular team will win the World Cup, and these sorts of bets form the "outright market". I am betting that a given team will win the Cup outright, as opposed to betting, say, that they will reach the finals (but maybe not win), or betting that they will qualify in several successive rounds of the competition, or making other more complex or conditional bets.
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