Outstanding American "wing" of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame


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Reference: Before He Became President, Abraham Lincoln Was a Wrestling Champion

While Thompson may have claimed the title, Lincoln's reputation as a feared wrestler—and beloved president—was rewarded in 1992 when he was inducted into the Outstanding American wing of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. He's joined there by three other presidents: George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, and William Howard Taft. None of them, however, quite matched Lincoln's mystique as a trash-talking, grappling frontiersman.

What does the wing mean here?
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    I think it's highly likely that this is a figurative use of wing, and in this sense means "section". It's the section (in both a literal and intellectual sense) of the Hall of Fame dedicated to outstanding Americans. It's a common use of the term in this sort of context.

    Here is definition 4 from the dictionary (my italics):
    a group within a(n) political party or other organization that holds particular views or has a particular function.

    And here's 5:
    a side area, or a person or activity associated with that area

    I googled to try to find pictures of the building but couldn't find one that showed the entire outside of the building in one picture.
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    Going straight to the source - The National Wrestling Hall of Fame's website:
    Wrestling Hall of Fame | National Wrestling Hall of Fame
    Outstanding American
    The Hall of Outstanding Americans demonstrates wrestling's pride in those who have used the disciplines of the sport to launch notable careers in other walks of life, such as science and technology, business and industry, government and the military, and the arts and humanities. New classes are inducted annually.


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    The metaphorical "hall of fame" has wings - the big list (the hall) is made up of smaller lists (the wings).
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