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I've gone through the threads and see a few outstanding issues about the new glossaries forum.

(BTW, I'm happy to see some interest in it!)

  1. per-user attachment space limits
  2. number files or not
  3. turn on Excel's "track changes" feature?
  4. the prompt for username/password
  5. add an article column?
  6. latest post has most recent version
  7. Multiple definitions
My current ;) thinking on each one:
  1. I'm looking into what we can do. For the meantime, I have raised everyone's personal limit to 200KB.
  2. It is best to number them, even if some people will forget.
  3. Yes, I will enable it for the Excel template. Let's see how it goes.
  4. I'm looking into it. (Researching it.)
  5. Being discussed in another thread.
  6. Yes! Expect that people will be looking for the most recent version in the last post! So "managers" shouldn't bother updating the first post often, if at all.
  7. Being discussed in another thread.
Don't discuss these issues here. Please open another thread if there isn't one yet.

Again, thanks for your interest!
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