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When a delivery is incomplete and you are complaining about it, is it right to say:
I suggest you send the outstanding items as soon as possible, refering to the ones which still haven't arrived.

It sounds weird to me, I would choose the rest of the items.

I await your answers. Thanks in advance for all your help, and your quick answers.
  • theartichoke

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    "The rest of the items" is fine, but I'd probably simplify it to "the remaining items." I agree that the "outstanding items" sounds very strange!

    [cross-posted with Miss Julie; re. Keith B's post, I lack the business expertise to say whether we're dealing with a BE/AE difference here.:)]


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    Items not delivered are back ordered (at least in American English).

    So: I suggest you send the back ordered items / the items on back order as soon as possible


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    British English
    As you can see, f del cantabric, your choice of words will depend on who you ordered the goods from. If it is a British supplier you could use outstanding items, but your rest of the items or Julie's remaining items would work just as well. Although the term back ordered is not normal in BE, I am familiar with it - I don't see how back ordered could work in a complaint - if the supplier had discovered the order was deficient he would have told you the items were back-ordered and you would know when they were due to arrive. If you knew that why would you be complaining?
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