Outwit, Outraise, Outspend


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So we have lots of compound words starting with ''out''. Outsmart, outwit, outrun, etc.

Outspend apparently is dictionary-approved, though outraise isn't, my spell-check prefers ''out-raise''.

Especially when talking about American politics, it's utterly common to say that one candidate outraised another, and thus outspent him. I believe this usage to be fairly dated as well.

What gives? I'm all for accepting ''outraise'' outright.
  • Packard

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    I would think that "raise" and "out-raise" are phrases from our poker playing friends.

    "I'll see you're twenty-five cents and raise you ten cents."

    "Oh, yeah? I raise you ten cents."

    "I'll raise you one dollar."

    "Trying to out-raise me, are you?"

    I'd stick with "out-raise".
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