ouvrir un programme ou une page

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  1. Dapoint Senior Member

    Paris, France

    I would like an opinion, if possible, of an English speaker (AE or BE) about my translation in English.

    "Le temps que l'ordinateur ouvre un programme ou une page, tu as le temps de te tricoter une chaussette."

    "While the computer open a software or a page, you have time to knit a sock."

    Does it sound natural for you ? What would you say instead of?

    Thank you very much.
  2. cropje_jnr

    cropje_jnr Senior Member

    Canberra, Australia
    English - Australia
    While the computer is opening (up) a program or a page, ...

    You never hear an article preceding 'software' - it's always plural. :)
  3. GEmatt

    GEmatt Senior Member

    La Côte, Switzerland
    English/BE, Français/CH, Deutsch/CH (rustier & rustier)
    You could knit a sock in the time it takes (for) the computer to start a programme or open a page.

    Programme in BE, program virtually everywhere else, I think. I know my suggestion turns your sentence around; I just took the elements and shuffled them to come up with what I personally would say.
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  4. Dapoint Senior Member

    Paris, France
    Thank you very much cropje_jnr and GEmatt. No worries, GEmatt, I precisely wanted a proposition which sound natural for you, so that suits me perfectly.
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  5. hunternet

    hunternet Senior Member

    France - French
    on peut également utiliser "to launch"
  6. Idiha Senior Member

    English - UK
    My attempt :)
    You could knit a sock in the time that it takes a computer to open a page or software

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