[Over / during] the fourteenth century


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---- the fourteenth century, some architects broadened their studies ---- light and began to explore the science of optics.

A) Over / over
B) During / of
C) Through / throughout
D) At / in
E) Among / under

The question was asked in a nation-wide exam in Turkey. I think B is correct. But I wonder whether A is correct as well. Because "over the century", and "study over" sound alright to my ear. What do you think? Thanks.
  • Andygc

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    You were right until you started thinking A might be possible. ;) We don't have 'studies over'. We have 'studies of', 'studies about' and 'studies in' - although those are to a degree context-dependent. Also, something can happen 'during', 'throughout' and 'in' a century, but not 'over' it. Something could change or develop 'over the course of' the century.
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