Over my dead body

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  1. GoldBug

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    According to the news media, ex-president Morsi was reported to have said "Over my dead body" replying to demands he resign. Does anyone know how he said this phrase in Arabic.
  2. suma Senior Member

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    Kind of similar, I've heard people say:
    laa wa anaa 7hayy

    which is like saying "not while I'm alive."
  3. Bakr Senior Member

    I think he said it twice:

    والحفاظ على الشرعية، ثمن الحفاظ عليها حياتي، حياتي أنا
    إذا كان الحفاظ على الشرعية ثمنه دمي أنا، فأنا مستعد أن أبذل ذلك
  4. fdb Senior Member

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    "Over my dead body" seems a very inadequate translation of what the President is supposed to have said. Besides: how can someone resign "over" his own dead body?
  5. GoldBug

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    Well, here's an example of how this was reported by the western media.....from the vaunted "The Guardian" no less. See paragraph 2.

  6. Bakr Senior Member

    Translations on the web:

    The price can be my life

    If the price of protecting legitimacy is my blood, I'm willing to pay it

    Sorry, I thought you were talking about the speech!
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  7. إسكندراني

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    لا وأنا حي
    makes no sense,
    ليس وأنا حي
    is translationese and I've never heard it.

    The stereotypically Egyptian way to say this is
    على جثتي
    But it's not unreasonable to assume that the Guardian's editor may have been liberal with their translation. He certainly also conveyed a similar meaning in different words as Bakr quoted from his speech.
    And fdb, your point would be valid, but it seems he was responding to indirect threats of a military coup, so it wasn't about stepping down, more about allowing others to take power.
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