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How would you translate in your language to go over someone's head in terms of a joke? Meaning it escaped your comprehension.

E.g. That went/flew right over my head.
  • Greek:

    «Μου διέφυγε» [mu ðiˈe.fi.ʝe] --> it evaded me or with emphasis «μου διέφυγε τελείως» [mu ðiˈe.fi.ʝe teˈli.ɔs] --> it totally evaded me

    The v. is «διαφεύγω» [ði.aˈfev.ɣɔ] --> to evade, get away < Classical v. «διαφεύγω» dĭăpʰeú̯gō --> to escape one's notice, get away, avoid< Classical preposition and prefix «διά» dĭắ + Classical v. «φεύγω» pʰeú̯gō


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    Belgium, Dutch
    Dutch: dat ontging mij (< ontgaan, dis-go or something the like) [I did not notice it...]

    Dutch: dat ging boven mijn petje is better than dat ontgaat mij. it means that it was too difficult to understand: ontgaan only happens when one does not pay attention...
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    If you translate word for word into German, the statement doesn't make any sence. But there ist a sentence with the same meaning.
    word for word: über den Kompf gehen
    correct: über jemandes Kopf hinweg handeln


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    meni yli ymmärryksen "it went over [my] understanding"
    meni yli hilseen "it went over [my] dandruff"
    (minulta) meni ohi lit. "(from me) it went past", in case of a joke it usually means I didn't understand, but it also has the meaning I didn't hear or I didn't pay attention
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