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I am curios about what does the "over never" mean. I heard it in a movie, especially in the following sentence: She is writing it over never.
Can it mean something similiar like "over and over"?
And is it commonly use phrase for native speakers?
  • celaskon

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    I watched this movie scene again and a guy in movie the most probably said "over and over". Sorry guys my fault I misheard what he said. It also sounded strange to me, but I wanted make sure if this phrase exist or not.
    Anyway, the mentioned movie is Open Grave, elapsed time 0:11:07 - scene where the Japanese women is writing something down on the paper.

    Thanks for quick response.


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    American English
    Ah, yes, "over and over" would make perfect sense. In casual speech, it can be pronounced something like "over 'n'over," which could certainly be mistaken for "over never." Thank you for naming the source.
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