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Two mechanics are building a bike from scratch. They are looking at some parts. The dialog goes like this:

A: Have we got the right front end here? This is for the other bike, right?
B: Yeah.
A: Geez. And they’re that much over stock, huh?
B: Yeah, because of the length of the tube. If you look at a stock tube…
A: I guess that’s right.

Unfortunately, this is all the context I have. I don't know what part they are looking at. My only hope is that the phrase "over stock" makes more sense to a native speaker than to me. The only thing that comes to my mind is that the part is bigger than mechanic A expected. This is just a wild guess though.
Thanks :)
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    It seems to me that the mechanic means that the tube required is especially long in comparison to the stock tube. "Stock" is an adjective here, referring to a standard part of a mass produced machine; a stock part (a part which is available from stock). The tube required is "over" (longer than; a bigger size than) the stock part.
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