Over the last weekend I [have done / did] a lot of work.

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Over the last weekend I ......... a lot of work at home.

a) had done
b) have done
c) did
d) was doing
e) was done

I've seen the question in the web. To me both b and c work. What do you think? Does "over the last weekend" suggest "present perfect tense"? Thanks.
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    I am unable to answer this question, although I can rule out e).
    There is a problem, in my view, with over the last weekend.
    Does it mean this (last) weekend/(during) last weekend or does it mean during the last weekend in e.g. November?

    If it means last weekend, I could choose b), c) or d).
    If it means the final weekend of a period, I could choose a), c) or d).


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    For me, "had done" requires another event in past time (I'm not sure I understand exactly the situation e2efour describes), so (a) would not work for me.

    (d) implies an interruption, but I hear past progressive used colloquially (progressive forms are increasing in English in general, I have read) but not so much in academic written form.

    Present perfect would work better for me if it were not separated by something that places the finished work so clearly in the past as "the last" - I almost included it as a correct answer but realized it didn't quite work. (I suppose I might rethink this yet again.)

    For me, then, simple past works, because "over the last weekend" functions (for me) best as "when".
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    I would use a) in the following situation, referring to a weekend in the past, not last weekend.
    The reporters spent several weekends outside the film star's house. Over the last weekend they had taken numerous photographs of everyone who entered or left.
    I could equally well say they were taking or they took.
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