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Hey all!

As far as I know the "over the years" phrase is equal to "in de loop der jaren" in Dutch. Hence, I would like to make a nice sentence with it, like:
"Over the years I have experienced many programming languages"

So the translation would be:
In de loop der jaren heb ik heel veel programmeertalen ervaren.

Is it correct?

Thanks in advance!
  • AllegroModerato

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    Dutch (Netherlands)
    You have used "in de loop der jaren" correctly, but you need to rephrase both the English and the Dutch sentence, because they are not idiomatic. I am not entirely sure what it is you want to express, but I suspect it is the following:

    - Over the years I have gained (a lot of) experience with many (different) programming languages.

    - In de loop der jaren heb ik (veel/ruime) ervaring opgedaan met veel (verschillende) programmeertalen.
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