1. Santiago Jorge

    Santiago Jorge Senior Member

    English, USA
    I am not sure how to translate into Spanish the word "over" that is written at the bottom of a page and normally meaning to "turn the page" when it would not be technically accurate to translate it "al dorso" because the document was printed from a computer onto two one-sided pages instead of one front and back page.

    So, in other words, "over" on the first page, really means go to the second page and not "al dorso." :confused:

    How then do I translate "over" in this situation?
  2. dexterciyo

    dexterciyo Senior Member

    Español - Canarias
    It would be "pasar." Or maybe just "siguiente" would work.
  3. SDLX Master

    SDLX Master Senior Member

    Lima, Peru
    Spanish - Peru
    Interesting. You cannot understand a preposition verbatim, never. As long as a preposition gives you a meaning, direction, intention, its purposed is served. Need a translation for the preposition "over" in that context? I should say "al dorso" is not a good one. I would simply go for "Voltee".
  4. Santiago Jorge

    Santiago Jorge Senior Member

    English, USA
    Thank you, dexterciyo and SDLX!

    I think I will go with "Voltee."
  5. Aserolf

    Aserolf Senior Member

    Colorado, USA
    Cuando me ha tocado generalmente uso:
    Continúa en la siguiente página

    Sí, es un poco largo pero no encuentro otra manera de decirlo.
    También estoy abierta a más sugerencias ;o)
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  6. Antpax

    Antpax Senior Member

    Spanish Spain

    Yo también lo he visto así, generalmente. También lo he visto "sigue..." o "continúa...", así en cursiva y, a veces, con los puntos suspensivos, pero menos.



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