over-used cliché is ripe for reinvention

Olga Usoz Chaparro

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Although this type of metaphor can lapse into cliché, it is often the case that
the over-used cliché is ripe for reinvention.

A pesar de que este tipo de metáfora pueda convertirse en cliché, a menudo sucede que el cliché demasiado utilizado está listo para ser reinventado.
Please, any suggestions?
  • elfinator

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    Well, I'm not a translator, and I guess you'd prefer the opinion of another Spanish native-speaker, but what you've written makes perfect sense, considering the meaning of the sentence in English. The fact that we're talking about the Big Apple explains the use of the metaphorical 'ripe' in the second clause. 'Listo' in this case isn't as expressive as 'ripe' maybe, but there's probably nothing that can be done about that! (English doesn't have the equivalent of 'añazos' as in 'es un chico de 16 añazos', or even 'quedar' as in 'quedamos a las 8' - so I'm not making conclusions about the relative expressiveness of the 2 languages.)


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    I think it is "...esté listo.." ??

    What about putting the second part in the plural: "que los clichés............reinventados" ?

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