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  1. puman0727 New Member

    I am preparing IELTS test, and I am now stocked in the meaning of "overall" and "In overview".
    Could anybody explain what different meaning of "overall" and "In overview" ?

    Thank you

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  2. Thomas Tompion Senior Member

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    I've never heard or used the expression, 'in overview', so I'd find it hard to tell.

    I also don't know what you mean, Puman, when you say you are 'well stocked' in the meaning of these words.

    If you mean that you understand them very well, then how can you need us to explain the difference?

    I say this in the hope that it will enable you to see what further explanation we need to be able to help you properly.
  3. DonnyB

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    Welcome to the forum, puman :)

    I can give you a couple of definitions which might help:
    overall (adjective) = taking everything into account
    overview (noun) = a general review or summary of a subject

    If you're still unsure, then as Thomas says, let us know exactly what your difficulty is and one of us will try and help.
  4. puman0727 New Member

    Sorry, I used wrong word (stocked) in my sentences which I want to use "stuck".

    I explain more detail about my question. I know "Overall" is similar to "In general", and these are necessary
    to put in IELTS Task 1 for writing the trend of bar chart, line graph and so on.
    However I saw others use "In overview" to do the same thing.
    So, does it is different between "Overall" ?
  5. Swarovski Member

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    When you said "others", who were you referring to? People who are preparing for IELTS?
  6. Florentia52

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    Puman, please write a sentence that uses "overall" or "in overview," so we can help you understand which is correct in context.
  7. puman0727 New Member

    Thanks for your reminder, Florentia.
    Blow is the table of IELTS Task 1 subject.
    View attachment 12912

    My :
    Overall, the most old has been built in 1863 in London and it has had the highest number of kilometres of route whereas the most newest one was belonged to Los Angles which was significantly short from others.

    Others' :
    In overview, it can be seen that the subway in London used earlier than in the other five areas. In addition, the number of passengers in Tokyo is the largest.
  8. Florentia52

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    I don't think either "overall" or "in overview" works in either sentence. Both sentences, by the way, contain numerous grammatical errors.

    While it might be possible to come up with a sentence using "in overview," I think trying to use it as a substitute for "overall" is a waste of energy.

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