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I have a picture of my work place taken from a helicopter. Now,I want to select a title for it and add it to the picture by Photoshop.
Do you think the following title is ok?
“ XXX place, overhead view from helicopter, April 2009”
“Helicopter view, XXX place , April 2009”
Can I also call it an aerial photo?
Thank you.
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    Let me ask you this: Is anyone seeing the photo going to think it was taken from the ground? :)

    So you can simply say: Peyton Place, April 2009.
    Or, if you think it's better: Aerial view of Peyton Place, April 2009.
    Or: Helicopter view of Peyton Place, April 2009.


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    “ XXX place, overhead view from helicopter, April 2009” You do not need "overhead", it is a tautology, because all photos from a helicopter will be "overhead"*

    The type of view is known as "an aerial view" or "a bird's-eye view." or "overhead view"

    Also, view can be substituted by picture, photograph, shot or image.

    *yes, I know you can take a photograph from a helicopter whilst it is on the ground, but this would be obvious by the angle of the photograph.


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    No, Copyright , yet I need to emphasize. So I may have to use "helicopter".
    Thank you.
    You don't need to say anything about a helicopter unless it is somehow important to your readers that the photograph was taken from a helicopter instead of a blimp or an airplane. As others have said, "aerial" is not necessary because that will be clear from the angle. Moreover, "photo" isn't necessary because it would be hard to confuse with "text" or "video." All you need to identify is the place, perhaps the date, and perhaps the photographer (which could be an individual or a company, or it could be the stock photo company that provided it), depending on your purposes and the needs of your readers.
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