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    Hi, in this sentence:

    Overleaf are some of the ways in which their lives are made all the tougher

    I must tend to believe the meaning of overleaf could be slightly different from the one usuallly known. If the literal translation would usually put the adverb as "Sul retro (della pagina)", I believe that in this particular case it should rather mean something like Di seguito. Right after the sentence, in fact, there's a list of situations which make these people lives tougher....

    So, my question is: could that sentence be translated as
    Di seguito sono elencate alcune delle situazioni che... ?

    Thank you all.
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  2. CPA Senior Member

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    Mi sembra l'unica soluzione logica. Forse l'originale era stato scritto in un altro formato che a quel punto del testo passava alla pagina successiva.

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