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I was doing a mock examination for the Use of English paper of the Cambridge CPE based on a past exam and in one of the tasks the questions consist of groups of three sentences with a missing word each and candidates are asked to fill in the gaps with one word which can be used appropriately in all three of them. One such question uses the following sentences:

- The most expensive hotels are those which _____ the sea.
- As an actor he had to ____ criticism from the press on a regular basis.
- Cristina found it hard to ____ the fact that her marriage was crumbling.

The word I came up with for the sentences above was overlook. However, when I checked it in the key, I found out the correct answer was face. I don't know what the University of Cambridge marking policy is regarding questions like these, but as the answers are written on a separate answer sheet, I suppose my answer would be marked incorrect.

Well, what I would like to know is whether ovelook is really OK in all the three sentences above. I am 99% certain it is, but as I'm thinking of e-mailing them to enquire about this I want to be on the safe side.
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  • lian.alon22

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    I suppose that overlook would work. It makes grammatical sense, certainly, but face is actually a better answer. So, overlook is good, but face is better.


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    From a logical standpoint, overlook does not work especially well in the second sentence. It is possible but unlikely that an actor would routinely overlook press criticism.

    I can see why you selected overlook, and I could defend your choice, but as Lian.alon22 has said, "face is better".


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    I find "overlook" somewhat awkward for the second sentence, [edit] for the same reason Cuchuflete does.

    Minor note: they're usually called blanks, not gaps.


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    I think face is better too, but at the time of doing the test I didn't think of it. I think overlooking criticism sometimes (not all of the time, of course) is a necessary skill for anyone who's exposed to the public, otherwise the person might feel paralyzed by trying to please everybody (which is impossible anyway).

    Well, I guess I have enough support for my case now :)

    Thank you all very much for taking the time to reply.
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