overlook the sea

i am trying to say

the kitchen and the dining room which overlook the sea is a little small but very new.

La cuisine et la salle à manger qui donnons sur la mer sont un peu petites mais trés nouvelles

am not sure how i use 'qui' sentence.

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    Your problem is with the verb "donner". It should be "donnent" and not "donnons". Otherwise the sentence seems fine.


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    "is a little small". What "is" refer to? the kitchen? the dining-room? Both? If so, you should say "are".
    Then What does new mean? refurbished? modern?
    You can say : La cuisine et la salle à manger sont petites et ont été refaites (récemment)
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    as neither English nor French is my first language, I am a bit confused from time to time.
    I was meaning new as renovated. you guessed right.

    and both the kitchen and the dining room.

    thank you so much for your help.
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