1. pumpkin2282 Member

    Marseille, France
    English, USA
    Je me demande la traduction du mot overlook, as in to not see, or notice. For example "Oh, your résumé was on my desk? I'm sorry, I must have completely overlooked it!"

    In the dictionary here it translates as oublier, which I think has a totally different meaning and could be easily misunderstood if used in this context.

    Donc, mon essai... "Oh, votre CV était sur mon bureau? Je suis désolée, j'avais dû complètement le rater/manquer!"
  2. Fredddd Senior Member

    for want of something better :"passer à côté" ? colloquial and could be used in any context really (could mean "not notice" or "fail something")
  3. Austin Pal Senior Member

    "Ça m'a complètement échappé !"...
    "J'ai totalement zappé !"... (familier)
  4. joce Member

    Cambridge, GB
    France / French
    "j'ai dû le laisser passer" would also do (more for a letter/an e-mail). I'd use passé composé and not plus-que-parfait, unless there's some other past event you don't mention.

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